Week 1- Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

A Peaceful to Nightmare Life

I live in a town where there is tranquility. I was coming home after a long day at California State University of Long Beach. I noticed something was wrong when I arrived home by the door being open just a hair. It wasn’t long after when I heard some noise coming from upstairs. I began to head up the stairs quietly with a kitchen knife in my right hand ready to stab someone if they attacked me. When I got to the top of the stairs, the intruders heard something when I stepped on a squeaky piece of wood in the floorboard. They began charging after me and I could only envision that they had no weapons except for the weapon I had in my hands which they got when they tackled me and then sliced my throat. Before I fell off the balcony to the first floor I was stabbed in the general area of the heart to have a quick and painless death but that did not occur. I was laying there stabbed for a few minutes helpless while the intruders gathered up my items and left. My parents found me dead, covered in blood with the knife lodged into my body.

The reason why I chose this death of me to occur was when I was younger my house got broken into. I was one of the first to enter the house after the people left the whole thing a mess with nothing but junk. The death is basically the nightmare of what could have happened if I arrived only a few minutes earlier. This piece of art was hard to imagine because normally you don’t think of ways you may die.


Art 110 2 Art 110 1




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