Week 2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Plastering of My Hand

This art project is a plaster casting of my hand. This project seemed like it was going to be fast and easy but it was totally different. It took about over an hour for the plaster to dry. It took this much time because you had to wait until the plaster was completely dry to start digging out the dried plaster from the sand. I wasn’t able to go to the beach during the time the class went but instead I did it at home. I have a horseshoe pit in my backyard with sand and used it for this project. I had to wet the sand before I started the mold because my backyard doesn’t have the constant water running over it like the beach. After the sand was ready, I filled a bucket with a little bit of sand and packed it down. Then I put my hand in the bucket how I wanted my mold to turn out. It was hard for me to pack the sand around my hand so I got some help from my brother and finished the mold. Then I poured the mixed plaster into the mold and waited until it dried. When it was all dried, I pulled out the hard plaster and some of my fingers were stubby or broken. Instead of being happy with the outcome, I decided to try it again with a different hand mold and it came out a lot more clean by being able to distinguish my fingers. With all the tools and materials I never figured I would be able to make a sculpture of my hand until I finished this project.

Art 110 3 Art 110 4 Art 110 5 Art 110 6Art 110 7


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