Week 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

This week’s art experience with snapchat helped me get out of the bubble of just taking pictures and posting them without any change. At first I thought this art experience was going to be easy because you could take any picture you want and add something to it. Once it came down to do the art experience, it made you come out of your comfort zone and made you think of something original that nobody would ever think of creating. So when I was at the art gallery I created two pictures with snapchat. The first picture I decided to create and add on to was a piece of art that was hanging from a clothes hanger. This made me imagine this could be a person’s clothes so I decided to draw a person standing up on grass with purple shoes on a nice sunny day. On my next snapchat I decided what to create when I entered another wing of the art gallery where there was paintings and a picture frame making it look like there is another room. This made me think it was trippy, so I envisioned a person lying down thinking of something while looking at the colorful paintings. For my other two snapchats I got them from students enrolled in the class. They were from William Luna and Enrique Vega and there snapchats are luna_tic and enrique_disick. The one William drew was the lady with the pink shirt and big eyes looking worried about her surroundings. The last picture I got from snapchat was Enrique Vega’s as a man with his thumbs up sitting on a set of stairs in the middle of the room. After completing this art experience I really enjoyed being able to be creative on my personal post on snapchat.


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