Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Heather Jarrard

Info Block

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association

Media: Mixed-Media with Macaroni and Beans

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: cobranoag

About the Artist

The artist is Heather Jarrard a graduate student working on 3D art. Her undergraduate career at CSULB was as an art education major. She is a 3 year artist and wants to become an art teacher for middle or high school. Her main interest is to create and teach art. She also loves to go on hikes. She is most interested in metals for her art projects but this one wasn’t about metals. Her ideas of work explores how art students aren’t given enough money for supplies for the whole year and have to create pieces with what they have.

Formal Analysis

This art piece was created with a bunch of macaroni noodles and beans glued together with hot glue. It had different shapes and textures. Most of the macaroni noodles had a yellow tent to go good with the contrast of the colorful beans. Some of the pieces had orange or green macaroni noodles to change up the colors. The beans had different colors too from white, red, nude, and some green. To make these pieces different they had different shapes and sizes. The beans and macaroni noodles are smooth with a bumpy texture to make each piece be able to have some volume. The glue that was used was to help hold the different shapes of the beans and macaroni noodles. She also tried to have different patterns in the pieces so she would color coordinate the beans and macaroni noodles. The scale of these art pieces weren’t the largest in the room but that didn’t matter. It was the main focal point of the room when we all entered.

Content Analysis

This art piece was the main focal point of the room. This artist had a design in her head that she wanted to express that art students don’t get a ton of money to pay for their supplies. This is an example to show that she only spent a couple of dollars for this whole piece of about 10 sculptures of beans and macaroni noodles. The thing that was on her mind while creating this piece was the budget crisis in California. She told us that California was the second worst state for a budget for art in the United States of America. She also stated that the average money a student gets is around $1.09 per year and in California its $0.24. This is really sad because many people take art to show off emotions and to express what they feel. Overall, she showed us what anyone could make with only a few cents to a couple of dollars of art supplies.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I entered this section of the art gallery, the main focal point of this room was the bean and macaroni noodle sculptures. This was my first art gallery walk at CSULB and was expecting a different view of the whole thing. It hit me that not all art has to be big, small or artistic. When I saw this piece for the first time I realized this art would  be something I would create. Something that wasn’t extreme but enough that it got to the point. I really enjoyed this art work because when you looked at it by different angles it changed the whole shape, color and perspective of the piece. My favorite piece was the one that looked like a hand that was grabbing something from the sky. This piece gave me the perspective of the growth of life from a tree or hand coming out of the ground. the last thing that interested me was that she told us how every art student gets around $1 per year for supplies and expenses in California are around $0.24 per year. This was a good experience and can’t wait until next week for the next art gallery walk.





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