Week 4 – Art Experience: Graffiti Writing

For this Art Experience, it was interesting how to create my name using spray paint. The hardest part to this project was figuring out what color spray paint I should use. First I went to a local hardware store and picked up some spray paint and a piece of wood. The colors I  used were black, dark blue, light yellow, and orange. At first I started to write my name on the piece of wood in black. After I outlined my name I started to fill it in with blue. The only problem was that I kinda covered the black so i went over with black to make the blue stand out. I thought I was finished, but I didn’t like how it was so plain. So I decided to make the background all black and made the outline of the blue with light yellow and orange. This began to pop out my name from the background of black to easily read my name. This art experience took around 2 days to do because I waited for the paint to dry before I added different colors to my name. Overall, this art experience was interesting and fun to do because it gave me a chance to create a design of my name with spray paint.

Art 1Art 2Art 3Art 5Art 4


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