Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Julio Garcia

On Thursday, I had a conversation with a classmate I only knew a little about from talking to him on the first day of class. His name is Julio Garcia, 19 years old from Long Beach, California. He was born and raised here in Long Beach and went to high school at Wilson High School. Now he is a undergraduate student here at California State University of Long Beach, majoring in criminal justice. I asked him how he likes his major and he told me its cool and interesting. He is currently taking 16 units but it is the beginning of the semester so it’s not really hard yet. His hobbies are playing soccer with friends, going on hikes locally and watching spy movies. He also told me his favorite soccer and football teams are Manchester United and the Green Bay Packers. He has only one sibling that is younger and is a senior in high school. Julio also told me he drives a Honda civic and has been driving for 2 years now. His favorite color is blue and his favorite type of food is Mexican. He does not has an Instagram but he does have a website which is http://www.juliogarciasite.wordpress.com. Lastly, Julio’s feelings towards these art galleries are fun and cool to see the young artist and be able to be the first to see their work.


Art 1


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