Week 5- Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Metals: Silver, Cooper, Steel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jensen is a returning student graduating in the fall with a BFA in Metal and Jewelry. She started as a sculpture major but she was not into conceptual art. She told us that metals are better because they are easier to manipulate. She has been working with metals for 2 years now and enjoys it. For all her pieces they take around 3 weeks to complete. Her interests are to cook, read, drink red wine, hang out with her husband and dogs and watch the walking dead. There is no specific message her work conveys, she is just driven by the process. Once she is finished with her work, it creates pride and satisfaction. Out of all her pieces, her favorite one is the necklace with colors of blue and green.

Formal Analysis

All of her pieces are made out of some type of metal. She explained to us that her pieces are co-linear with sweeping lines. Many people told her they didn’t think her work was cohesive. The media she used was silver, copper, steel. Before using metal for each project she started out with paper to create her design then finished her final project with different metals. Most of her pieces had lines with smooth finishes. The colors that were used were mostly blue or lime green with orange coming through lightly. It doesn’t matter the size to her, just as long as it is fun creating and making it. The reason way she uses copper instead of silver is because copper is way cheaper to buy. Kristi did mention that some silver is easier to work with than copper. Out of all of her pieces the necklace with blue and green is one of her favorite pieces.

Content Analysis

The pieces Kristi created all started from watching her grandfather fix TVs. When her grandfather fixed TVs, she just sat and watched him. This set the scene for her to fix and make stuff. The problem she told us she has is naming different pieces and the art talk. Once she gets the whole process down, she could have more art shows. The reason why she likes to make stuff with metal is that she is able to hammer and play with fire to shape it the way she wants it to look. All of her pieces are different because of the different techniques she learns. She uses the new techniques she currently learns on the project she is currently working on to make each of her pieces unique. She does wear some of her pieces she creates but not all of them.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Once I arrived to the art gallery, I noticed a large crowd around a women later to find out it was one of the artist. After listening to what she had to say about herself and her art work, I wanted to see what her pieces look liked. I would have to agree with her that the necklace with blue and green was one of  my favorites out of all her pieces in the art gallery. The one that popped out the most was the vase looking piece out of metal. I never new that you could shape metal however you want to create something. The only thing you have to do is heat it up. After looking around and listening to the different artist, I might have to consider taking a metals class here at CSULB to get my hands dirty. Overall, I really enjoyed this display of metals and jewelry and can’t wait until next weeks gallery walk.



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