Week 5 – Art Experience: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, I decided to choose cuisine out of cuisine, couture, and coiffure. For my type of art experience I tried to create a sushi cut roll and two hand rolls. At first I thought it would be easy picturing it in my mind by just wrapping stuff in the middle and putting rice on the outside. The reason why I made sushi for the art experience is because this is my favorite type of food to eat. After creating this I decided to let the sushi chefs make sushi and serve me because my sushi cut roll and hand rolls weren’t as good as the ones they make. From start to finish it took around an hour to an hour and a half to complete both the cut roll and both hand rolls. The sushi I made was called a California roll with sliced avocados, sliced cucumbers and imitation crab wrapped in seaweed with white rice and toasted sesame seeds on the outside. I served my family these rolls as an appetizer before our main meal. I would recommend eating the sushi with some soy sauce and wasabi. The thing I learned from this project was to try anything and learn from your mistakes. If I ever have to make sushi again, I would make sure to cut everything more finely and make sure not to stuff the cut roll as much. After all, this art experience was fun to create and be able to serve my family an appetizer.



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