Week 6 – Art Experience: Photowalk

For this week’s art experience we did a photowalk. The photowalk I went on was guided by Crysta Tim. She took us to the sculpture on the wall at Lecture Hall 151 all the way to Brotman Hall fountain. In between the first and last stop we took pictures of vendor ally, outside of the USU and inside the USU. At vendor alley I took pictures of the bookstore with students walking, Honda Civic cars with Dirtbags and LB written on them and lastly a beautiful tree with pink and white flowers. Outside the USU, I took a picture of a plant that looks cool when looking from the ground level to the sky. Inside the USU, we took pictures of different recreation activities like pool tables, shuffle board, Jenga, and the bowling ally. When we stopped inside the USU we took some time to play some Jenga with other classmates and Glenn. Our last stop was at Brotman Hall fountain where I tried to take a panorama picture but Alfonso moved while I took the photo and it cropped him with half his head. The experience of the walk opened up more areas on campus of interest with other students by going shopping or playing activities. I never realized how big our USU really was until I went on this photowalk. In my photographs I was looking for different angles and the shade or sun to pop different areas out in the photos. Most of my pictures came out okay except for my panorama of the fountain when Alfonso’s head is only half there. Our guide for this photowalk was good becasue she had the right decision to make a tour where there was air condition when it was hot outside. The only thing that could of made the photowalk more interesting would be if the guide knew a little bit of background information of the things we took pictures of. Overall, this art experience was fun and interesting.



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