Week 7 – Art Experience: Video Production

For this week’s art experience I joined a group and created a video. The topic for our video was #stopstressing2k16. Our group thought of this topic when we looked at some of the topics that we could use and it fell in the category of #CollegeProbs. All what we were trying to make was a video that was showing how a person becomes stressed with midterms coming up and all his friends telling him not to be stressed over studying. This was filmed on the stage of the University Theater with cuts and music added to the video. The process went well when taping it. We only had to retake a couple of times and had to edit each clip to make a continuous video. The video is around 30 to 40 seconds long and maybe in another video we could make it longer by having a video of a day of a stressful student. Maybe next time we could use a real video camera instead of a camera on a cell phone to record it. Overall, I believe this is a good topic to make a video on because many people stress about midterms and it makes their life more miserable.


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