Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – William Luna

At this week’s art gallery I interviewed William Luna. He was born in Paramount California on May 26, 1996. He currently is living in North Long Beach with his mother and younger sister. His mother is from Honduras. He played soccer at Long Beach City College. For his freshman year at California State University of Long Beach, he also went to Long Beach City College being a full time student at both colleges with a total of 25 units. His major is mechanical engineer and wants to go into an aerospace company to make private jets.  He also has his own 3-D printer company. This semester at California State University he is currently taking 17 units. His hobbies after class is to play soccer, hang out with friends or play video games. The video games he plays is Fifa and Black Ops on Xbox One. His favorite soccer team is Barcelona and his favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders. He is estimated to graduate in 2018 or 2019 and wants to travel after he is done before starting his career. William has both a website and Instagram, his Instagram is luna_tic1996 and his website is https://williamlunablog.wordpress.com/.

Art 1


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