Week 8- Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this week’s art experience it was a little different. This experience reminded me of a ouija board feeling letting our feelings take control of the pencil. I started setting up as you can see from the picture below on Saturday afternoon by taking a picture of myself with my automatic drawing setup. I did the automatic drawing with my brother on Saturday night. I wasn’t able to drink because I’m not 21 yet but my brother had a beer with him during the whole process instead of wine because he doesn’t like the taste of wine. When we first began it was a little weird not knowing what is going to happen and what we would draw. The candle light did help relax our bodies to let our feelings out on the paper. I took a few pictures right after we finished the drawing with the candle light. I looked at my pictures the next day and I saw you couldn’t really see the picture well. So I decided to take a picture of the art with some sunlight and you could tell the different pencil strokes from being heavy at times to becoming faint strokes and a tail at the end when the pencil stopped moving. The whole process for this art experience took around an hour to do. The drawing portion took a few minutes before the pencil actually began to move then before I knew it the pencil stopped moving. Overall, this art experience was at the right time during the semester right after finals to let our bodies relax and draw.


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