Stefan Grippen

Art 7

Stefan Grippen always was interested in creating new things through chemistry and discovering what will happen if certain things mixed. He found his interest in serving different drinks from a simple comic cosmo to a galaxy water. All of his drinks were different from being sweet to strong that could knock you out in just a couple of sips. Eventually he saw an opening at a bar in Moonbase Alpha. Now he discovered he is going to be here for a long time because there is no other bar in town and the only one that can make these certain drinks. So Stefan Grippen made a drink that will keep him young for the rest of his life to keep making drinks for everyone else on Moonbase Alpha. Since he mastered the making of drinks, almost all of his drinks have special powers. The powers are hidden until the person does a good deed or proven to be a good friend. If they somehow become rude or impolite to his customers he could create a concoction that will hurt them or could possibly kill them. The saying around Moonbase Alpha is to be good with Grippen or your life will not be worth living for. I got the image of Stefan Grippen from

Three people Grippen made drinks for was:


He is a person that can be tricky. I gave him a drink that would make him become a better person but he is all rude to people. Now some type of power he has from my drink is making him a lunatic which is where he got his name from. Go over and visit his site but be careful he is really a lunatic.

Lord Fingers

I really don’t know what is happening to Lord Fingers. I see him come into my bar all the time with different people. So I decided to make him a drink to feel passionate towards just one person. Once he had a couple of sips he decided that the person was the correct choice and wanted to get married. Go over and visit his site but be careful he is in a loving mood.


She was a person who did a good deed and I gave her a drink that would give her special powers to give to people throughout her lifetime. Go over and visit Ava’s site to understand her background story to Moonbase Alpha. She is really a friendly person and maybe you could get a super power by being respectful to her.


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