Week 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

From Thursday’s Art 110 Selfie it was what I expected what people would post. Most of the pictures people took was throughout the day instead of at the art galleries. I was the same when thinking about taking pictures for this art experience. At first I was going to post four pictures from the art gallery but I decided I would consider looking at the scenery that California State University of Long Beach has to offer. My first picture was taken at the gallery of a plant, the next one was when I was in between classes studying for a quiz and the other two were at the end of a long day walking to the MLSC from the USU. I do see connections between everybody’s post because it had to do with CSULB. Since everyone had a class during our Selfie day we could see that they had at least one photo of CSULB somewhere on campus. Noting was a surprise when I was looking at the #art110s16 on Instagram. I would say there is a connection that could tell us that we are a community in Art 110. This was a pretty cool art experience I would recommend doing this again. Here are some images that I took and of what I found on Instagram while I looked up #art110s16.


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