Week 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

In this week’s art experience I thought it was interesting to look at the library and bookstore different than what it actually is. We could document Turning Pages by going and actually participating like what we did in class. At first I was kinda confused because we were thinking that we are wasting space. I believe that words and pictures do help explain what went on while we did the exercise Turning Pages because people were looking at us like we were lost. I wouldn’t say that the style of the work doesn’t mean a lot because everyone has their own meaning. The only other way to share this experience is maybe announce it more around school for other people to join in on the movement of Turning Pages.

When we were told we couldn’t take pictures in the library, I understood because it was suppose to be quite time while reading books. The experience I got from both the bookstore and the library was the same. People may disagree with me but I think both places are using the area wise enough until all the chairs in the library waiting for computer to open up. The people that set up the bookstore and the library did it on purpose because they are looking in the future of supply and demand. Now a day many people drink coffee to keep them running throughout the day and it a quick and easily way to go down stairs or around the corner to get a cup of joe. Also the bookstore is considered a bookstore because they sell textbooks. Right now at this given time period in the semester the bookstore doesn’t have any books because classes are almost over. If you look at the book store at the beginning of the semester mostly what you see is textbooks and school supplies and only a little bit of CSULB clothing. I would have to say keep the space the same except for the chairs in the library near the computers and maybe put in some couches so we could take a nap while we wait for a computer or class.



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