Week 12- Art Experience – Game Design II: Alternate Reality Gaming

This week’s Art Experience on Geocaching was one of my favorite art experience so far. At first I thought it was going to be a hit and a miss on finding different caches. On Wednesday when I got home from my classes I decided to download the geocaching app and went on a hunt to find some around my house. I saw that there were two in Heartwell park just down the street from my house and decided to go and try to find them. Once I got to them I realized on the app many people said they did not find the cache. There was one last stop on my way home to find another one that was called Nailed It. Once I got to the GPS coordinates it gave I realized it was a utility pole with hundreds of nails in it. The only problem was it was next to a school and it was time when all the children got out. So I decided to come back later that night to find the cache.

Later on Wednesday I went back to the utility pole and read a clue that said look for a loose nail. So I ended up trying to pull out every nail until the cache  came out of the pole. When I first found it I was so excited that I found something that someone was hiding in an everyday location. The only thing that felt weird was that people just stare at you and wonder what you are doing around there house. Here are a few pics of the Nailed It geocaching.


Another geocaching I did was on campus with other classmates in Art 110. This one was called States Vs. Feds 3. At first this one was a little interesting by having GPS coordinates next to a gate with a police guard. Once I walked over with other classmates, We looked at what people wrote as clues and they said watch out for standing water. This gave us a clue it must be on the ground where there is standing water. This was not to be found until somebody showed me a picture of a tree that we could see from where we were standing. I decided to go and check it out, there and behold was a pill bottle in the tree where there was standing water. As a group of 8 of us we decided to log it as Glenn’s class. Here are a few pictures of the find.


For my geocaching I was trying to think of a place to hide mine so people would have to think outside the box for the find. I decided the title ” Upside Down Newspapers”, what I mean by that is that if you look upside down at a newspaper stand near the CSULB Art Store you will find my cache. I decided to use magnets because it gave me more options where I could hide it. My GPS coordinates is N 33.777801 and E -118.112868. It is an Altoids metal can with a rubber band, quarter and a pencil to log your name.I hope you have fun looking for my cache but you might want to literally look upside down.


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