Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Printmaking and Ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is currently a Graduate Student in the School of Arts Printmaking. She got her undergraduate degree as Biology major and decided she wanted to go into painting. She had many interest but couldn’t decide which ones were good enough to tell us. She basically told us that her art work is both science and art related by her different backgrounds in the different majors. She is also going to teach a class in the fall  which is Art 270 that is non-toxic techniques. Jennifer began explaining to us that this class is basically things you do at home.

Formal Analysis

Jennifer Chen’s work is different sizes of printmaking. She told us that the large ones take about a week without separation to complete because they have to dry before she could continue to add to the rest. She said its close to painting because you have to let it dry but not totally the same. Jennifer also told us that she is trying to get our attention by the scale of her work and the quality. I really thought these pieces were all different and we could make connections on them. All of her pieces were shaped as rectangles or squares because they were printmaking. All of her pieces were different by having close ups or giving pictures in a birds eye view of a freeway.

Content Analysis

All of Jennifer Chen’s pieces was about nature somehow. The reason why her exhibit was called SUCCESSION was due to the equilibrium the ecosystem has throughout all the ups and downs. She wanted to show through her work that ecosystems have been around for a long time while the city of Los Angeles has been here for a while. She likes to make art with nature of trees because she believes trees are signs of human intention and we should always consider they were living before we were. He art pieces are trying to show that we are taking over and wants us to respect the ecology of what the planet has to offer for us to live.

Synthesis/My Experience

This week’s artist conversation was very cool. I could see that Jennifer was very nervous when everyone surrounded her for questions and was almost speechless because everyone was just asking so many questions. I would have to say it is very rude to record someone with a phone right in there face while they try to talk. She told only a couple of us after the whole crowd left that she really didn’t enjoy cell phones in her face trying to record her. I would have to agree that people should write or take notes on their cell phones like an interview and not record someone. Overall, I really enjoyed her art work and I could connect to it by loving the outdoors and nature.


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