Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For this week’s Art Experience we picked a name out randomly from a hat. This was a little different because you have to think outside the box what to put into the Art Care Package. When I drew out a name from the hat, I got Julio Garcia. At first I was wondering who this person was until I looked him up under our class roster and found out I interviewed him in the beginning of the school year. The items I put in the car package was a mixture of four items. The first Item was something I love to do which is to go snowboarding in Mammoth so I put in a Mammoth Bennie sticker. The second Item I put in was a picture of Manchester United because that is Julio’s favorite soccer team. The third item was a sketch I made of his model of his car which is a Honda civic. The last item I thought to put in his Art Care Package was a football jersey tag. I saw that he also likes to watch football too.

I would have to say sending someone an Art Care Package is nothing like Snapchat. The reason I say this is because in the Art Care Package, there are physical items and in Snapchat its either a video or a picture. I would say ephemera depends on the type of person. I would say some items will gain value and others will lose value. Personally I would say most items will gain or stay the same value from before. There is a difference from art in a museum and art in the care package, the main difference is art in the museum is made personally by time and art in the care package could be put together in matters of minutes. I would say time doesn’t matter unless you never receive the snapchat or care package. Overall, this art experience was different than anything we have done this year and I really enjoyed it.

Art 2.JPG


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