Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s art experience, it was very peaceful and relaxing. The reason I say this was because we went to the Japanese Garden on campus to sketch what we observed. All of my sketches of the Japanese Garden weren’t good because I never really draw. It was a great time walking around the grounds of the garden to see what we have on our campus. Now I know where to go and relax and look at nature. This was a good break from all my classes this semester and especially  for today. Just before our class time  to meet up at the Japanese Garden I took a test in my Organic chemistry course and I need some peace and quiet. For my own experience, I wanted to walk around before I started to draw because I wanted to see what the Japanese Garden had to offer. After the complete circle around the pond, I saw statues, bridges, waterfalls, and areas you could sit and watch nature. I decided to stand on the bridge and draw what I saw, then I looked at plants and drew what I saw. The very last thing I drew was of a statue that caught my eye for some reason near the exit of the Japanese Garden. I really enjoyed taking a break from all my classes and relax and watch nature.


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